Bill Heller Photography of Corvallis Oregon specializes in food and event photography for a wide range of clients from local businesses to large corporations. If you need someone to work with you to capture images of your event, products or your space we would love to talk to you. In addition to still photography we specialize in virtual reality tours and time-lapse images for web and video.

Golf Tournaments

Snack Time 19th Hole Golf Carts at the Ready Swing Before the Game 19th Hole Panorama Alisol Evening

Getting Started

If you've never hired a photographer before and you're not sure where to start you're not alone. We've worked with everyone from mom and pop restaurants to high profile design agencies. More often than not we work with average businesses who just need to convey a message visually to their clients and potential customers. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or are not even sure if you are ready to hire a photographer, we'd be happy to chat with you about the possibilities. We're never high pressure and we love to talk about how we can help you. We always love to geek out on photography and the details if you are curious, but we're just as interested in you and your business and needs. Give us a call (541) 286-5254.


Savoy Espresso Beet Salad Espresso Fresh Ham Slice Cornbread with Butter and Honey Three Dogs Strawberry Shortcake Garlic Reflections

Restaurants and Food

One of our favorite subjects! We have been helping restaurants engage potential clientele since the days of film. And, while the technology has advanced considerably, many of the fundamental challenges remain the same. Taking the artistry you create on the plate and capturing an image that can convey the taste, texture and experience through imagery alone is one of our specialties. In most cases, we capture food as naturally as possible, but we are happy to assist with styling and props as needed.


Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy Live Band Leonardo DiCaprio 19th Hole Party Silhouette After the Game Louis Cate Blanchett Bacara Party

Why Work With Us?

Creating an amazing image is our top priority. But our motivation might be a little different than other photographers you've encountered in the past. You see, we have decades of combined experience in marketing and publications. Our focus is putting your best image forward. If you're looking for someone who gets to know your business and how you want to present your message to your customers, look no further.


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